Each year, the Texas Library Association selects twenty note-worthy reads for middle school students.  These selections are representations of all genres.

Our library challenges and encourage students to read as many Lone Star books as they can throughout the year.  Doing so will afford you the opportunity to read books outside of your genre comfort zone.  And you just might find your new favorite book!  

Students receive incentives based on the number of LoneStar books they read:

5 Lone Star Books - picture posted and 1 free book

10 Lone Star Books - cut to the front of the lunch line/book hold line pass and  2 more free books

15 Lone Star Books - free ice cream pass and 3 more free books

19-20 Lone Star Books -  Book People Gift Card, field trip and pizza party at end of year, and 4 more free books

Schubert's Switches

I know that there might be a couple of books that you just do not want to read.  I get it.  So, you may choose up to two books off of this SCHUBERT'S SWITCHES list to replace any two Lone Star books.