Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Tom Angleberger

Fake Mustache
Wednesday, April 18 @ 6PM 

Tom Angleberger is one of our very favorite authors, and we can't wait to see him back in Austin. The problem is... we need your help preparing a proper welcome. You see, his latest book stars a Heidelberg Handlebar Number Seven (a very hairy and very expensive real-hair fake mustache). That's why we thought it would only be appropriate to collectively celebrate this hirsute wonder with a little mustache madness of our own.

So come one come all toBookPeople at 6PM on Wednesday, April 18th in your mustachioed best to greet Tom and hear all about his wacky and hilarious new book called Fake Mustache: How Jackie O'Rodeo and Her Wonder Horse (and Some Nerdy Guy) Saved the World.

If you couldn't make it to Tom's last visit to celebrate the release of Darth Paper Strikes Back, here's a little look back at what you missed: