Monday, March 3, 2014


Presenting YA RETELLINGS – an epic chart brought to you by Epic Reads. Read your way through this list of 162 young adult books that are retellings or re-imaginings of popular classic literature, myths, fariy tales and Shakespearean plays.  Click on the chart to visit the Epic Reads site!

Fun facts about this chart:

Fun Fact #1: There are 162 books in total on this list. Yes, there are more YA retellings out there that we probably missed or couldn’t find, but this was the most our community could find!
Fun Fact #2: They are all young adult books, but some might fall into the “crossover” category with either adult or middle grade.
Fun Fact #3: There are 40 classic lit retellings, 74 fairy tale retellings, 30 mythology retellings and 18 Shakespeare retellings.
Fun Fact #4: The author featured most times on this list is Cameron Dokey with 5 books!
Fun Fact #5: This chart took about 4 months of planning and research, 4 weeks of designing and 8 hours to compose the actual post you’re reading here.
Fun Fact #5: There are 68 different colors used in the circles and lines in the design!