Tuesday, March 24, 2015


We had a blast @ the HCMS Library during Teen Tech Week!

This year's theme was "Libraries Are For Making"

So we made!

We held the TTW events in the library 
during each of the 3 lunches.  

Students were greeted with the Info and encouraged to sign up as they 
entered the library doors.  Sign up sheets lived at the circulation desk, 
allowing the first 25 students from each lunch per day to sign up.
When they signed up, we issued them a pass that they would
keep all week (see below).

We used keys from old keyboards to create rings, pins, and magnets.
We used ring bases, pin backs, large rolls of magnetic tape, hot glue, & plyers.

Jeni created a tip sheet for creating book trailers and showed a couple
of examples before the kids got started.  All of our students have iPads, 
so were encouraged to create their book trailer with the device.

I saw a couple of cool posts on Pinterest about repurposing old cassette tapes into
journals.  And seeing as I'd already weeded all of my old cassette tape audiobooks
out of our library, I purchased hundreds of old cassette tapes (audiobooks) from
some guy on Craigslist for $25.  We used chipboard for our back, blank & lined
paper for our journal paper, and bound it with small, colored, zip ties.  
We had tons of washi tape, duct tape, and colored permanent markers available
for the students to decorate their journals.

Throwback Thursday lent itself to an old-school game...Pac-Man!
I found some plug and play Pac-Man consoles on Amazon and we plugged
them into our projectors and set up our big screens and had fun playing!
I also found some free Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man apps for the students
to download onto their iPads to play.
My mom made over 100, pac-man shaped sugar cookies (Thanks, Mommy!) 
for the teens to decorate and eat.  I think some of them signed up just
for the cookies, but ended up staying and enjoying playing Pac-Man.