Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Today the 6th grade LA classes skyped with author, Lee Wardlaw!!!

They just finished reading her novel, Seventh Grade Weirdo, and were full of interesting questions for the author.

She began her "visit" with a power point presentation riddled with interesting facts about her life, childhood, writing, and hilarious cat pictures!  You heard me right!  She's a HUGE cat lover!  Sorry dog fans.  She shared that she bases many of her characters and their struggles from real-life people and things she's experienced or heard about.  She, herself, was a seventh grade weirdo.  Or at least she felt like one when she was in middle school.  And the shark is based off a real-life bully that antagonized the students in her husband's middle school.  What real-life experiences and people can you write about?

Students then asked intriguing questions, many which she had never been asked before, like, "Have you ever considered writing the story from Winnie's point of view?"  Wardlaw conceded that she has never thought of that but it is definitely something to think about.  It would be interesting to hear what Winnie's been up to and how fame and fortune has changed her.

We also got the inside scoop, on what she's working on now: How to Bug Your Brothers & Sisters (#4 in the series) and an informational book about the history of humor and jokes!  She gave a sneak peek into a piece of information from the latter: The earliest recorded joke was a fart joke!  Ha!  

We had a great time visiting with Lee Wardlaw!

A huge THANK YOU to Lee Wardlaw for writing books that entertain us and visiting with us today!   

Check out these pictures and videos from today's visit:

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