Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Literary Math Problem:

The HCMS Library took 29 students, 2 adults, and 1 bus to the Texas Teen Book Festival at St. Edward's University on Saturday, September 26.  They left at 9:15am and returned at 6:00pm.  How much fun did they have?

Answer: LOADS and LOADS of fun!

That's right!  We had a blast meeting our favorite authors and discovering new authors!  We bought loads of books, listened to authors speak about writing, life, and the universe, and met new people.  The St. Edward's University campus is beautiful and our students also got a glimpse of university life.

We even made it into the Publisher's Weekly Article!  Woot!

So be sure to join us next year as we invade Texas Teen Book Festival 2016!

Here are a few pictures of our adventures:

 We arrive and pose on the St. Edward's steps in front
of the infamous RED DOOR!

 Cortina doesn't waste any time buying books
so that she can get them signed!

 Chloe meets author Jenny Han!

 Martine meets author Jenny Han!

 The girls meeting Jesse Andrews, author of
Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl

 Our ladies hang out with authors Jesse Andrews
and Aaron Hatzler

 I catch Haruki and Paresh reading their 
new booksduring some down time

Cece and Katie meet author Rose Garcia