Wednesday, December 2, 2015

8 of the Most Overlooked (Yet Completely Awesome) Series for Young Adults

So check out this article from Brightly:

8 of the Most Overlooked (Yet Completely Awesome) Series for Young Adults

by Dena McMurdie

Chances are, you know the rock stars of the young adult book scene — Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games — but with over 30,000 books published for juveniles every year, it’s no wonder that the majority of them go unnoticed and overlooked. I’m often alone in my love for a young adult series because nobody else has heard of it, much less read it.
The next time you are looking for a good book to get caught up in, give one of these less-read series a second (or first) look. You might discover your new favorite book.
  • The Atlanteans

    by Kevin Emerson
    This series is set in the near future in a disintegrating world. It's about 15-year-old Owen, a girl named Lily, and their race to discover their past in order to save their future. Fans of dystopian and fantasy stories will enjoy this action packed and genre-bending series.
  • Slayers

    by C.J. Hill
    Double crossing, dragon fighting, and falling in love are all part of a day's work for a special group of teens. This urban fantasy series is full of action, humor, and adventure.
  • Belles

    by Jen Calonita
    For a lighter, contemporary read, dive into the Belles series. When tragedy hits Isabelle's home, her social worker sends her to live with a well-to-do uncle and his family. Adjusting to her new life isn't easy, and when a long-buried family secret begins to emerge, Isabelle's life will be changed forever.
  • The Paladin Prophecy

    by Mark Frost
    Will tries to stay inconspicuous, but it's not easy when you have superhuman abilities. This series is full of twists, turns, and the unexpected. You will get sucked in for days at a time, so grab some snacks and an oxygen tank now, because you won't be coming up for air any time soon.
  • Forbidden

    by Kimberley Griffiths Little
    Teens will be glued to each page of this series about a young girl torn between her duty to her family and the desires of her heart. Set in the harsh desert of ancient Mesopotamia, this sweeping romance is rich in historical details and riveting suspense.
  • Palace of Spies

    by Sarah Zettel
    Left in a desperate situation, Peggy Fitzroy agrees to impersonate a lady-in-waiting in the whisper-filled court of King George I. When she learns that the girl she is impersonating may have been murdered, Peggy must uncover the killer before the same thing happens to her.
  • Sekret

    by Lindsay Smith
    Yulia is a young psychic forced to serve the government of Communist Russia. While she learns to manipulate her mind reading abilities, she also becomes the target of an American super spy with the ability to erase her mind. This historical thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

  • The Book of Ivy

    by Amy Engel
    A nuclear war leaves the United States with just a small group of survivors and two rival families battling for control. This near-future thriller was a favorite amongst its readers last year, and with the newly released sequel proving to be just as good, now is the perfect time to pick it up.