Wednesday, March 9, 2016


March Book Madness has begun!  Vote in the Round 1 Bracket!

Everyone should particiate!  You don't have to have read any of the books to vote!  But hopefully you'll discover some books that you will want to read.

I will post the link to the voting rounds each Wednesday.

Watch this video to see what it's all about:

* Note, you DO NOT have to have read any of the books to vote. There are links to videos about the books
HERE - 6th grade
HERE - 7th & 8th grade
so that you can get to know the books. 

This week, YOU should take 2 votes:

1) Pick which one book you think will win it all (you're favorite):

This is for my records. Any students who predict the winner will win a prize.

2) Round 1 Vote:

We have plenty copies of these books, so stop by the Library today to check one out!  They're great!

6th grade bracket

7th & 8th grade bracket