Thursday, November 7, 2019

Author Visit, Writing Workshops, & Book Sales! Oh, my!

K.A. Holt to visit HCMS on DECEMBER 2

K.A. Holt, author of House Arrest, will be visiting HCMS on December 2. 


She'll be speaking with the entire school from 2:14 pm - 3:00 pm in the large gym.  Afterwards, she'll be personalizing signed copies of her books.
The Library is selling the books now!  Get your copy before they run out!
You can purchase online HERE or cash or check (HCMS Library) payments can be sent to the Library.  (Order form HERE)

She'll also be offering two writing workshops in the Library during the day!
Are you writer?  Do you want to work on perfecting your craft?  Then sign up for a workshop HERE!  
Space is limited to 15 students per writing workshop:

Writing and Editing: Super Fun Times. (No, really!)
In this workshop, K.A. Holt has a slide show that highlights the most popular questions students often ask her about writing and about herself. She also talks about the revision process, and brings piles and piles of revisions from her books. Students get to see early versions and marked up pages for all of her books, while learning that revising is one of the most important aspects of creative writing.  This workshop will take place during 2nd period.

Who can write haiku? You can write haiku!
In this workshop, K.A. Holt reads aloud from her book Brains for Lunch (a zombie novel in haiku?!) and discusses with the children what a haiku is and how it is structured. She talks briefly about the history of haiku and how, traditionally, the small poems are written about nature. Then she discusses how every writer can bring his or her own feelings into poetry – and if those feelings are about zombies and chupacabras then that is completely OK. The students are given a chance to compose and share their own zombie (or non-zombie) haiku.  This workshop will take place during A lunch (6th grade)/4th period (7th and 8th grade).

So sign up for a workshop, purchase some more amazing books by KA Holt from the Library, and bring your own copy of House Arrest to get signed.